Guangdong Wasvar Electronics Co., Ltd is a foreign-funded joint venture, located in the center of Shunde District, Foshan City, Guangdong Province. It is a company specializing in the production and sales of power distribution equipment and reactive power compensation components. It is an intelligent energy-saving high-performance, high-performance distribution network in urban and rural areas. Reliability equipment supplier and comprehensive solution provider. Products include power capacitors, smart capacitors, detuned reactors, transformers, capacitor contactors, composite switches, power factor controllers, digital display meters, active harmonic filters, static reactive power generators and other intelligent power grids equipment. Our production base implements strict purchase, process and product inspection to ensure that customers get high-quality, zero-defect and high-value-added products. On the basis of strong hardware strength, Wasvar strictly implements the national standard ISO9001: 2015. All links have strict quality control, and the quality of each product is guaranteed before the product leaves the factory.
Since the establishment of the company in 2004, our products have gradually gained reputation in 16 years. The quality of the product has withstood the test of the long-term market.

Main categories

Power Capacitor
Detuning Hamronic Reactor
APF/AHF(Active Power/Harmonics Filter)
Power Distribution Cabinet
Who are we
Good material and design; Safer and longer lifetime ;Under supervision;Definitely correspond to international standards;Good service, fast respond; 15-year experience. Guangdong Wasvar Electronics Company Limited is a sino-foreign joint venture enterprise, was established in 2004, covers an area of about 6,000 square meters and has around 50 employees. We are a professional team engaged in production ans sales of power factor compensation components, we are the urban and rural supplier and comprehensive solution provider.

What we produce?
Low voltage metalized film self-healing power capacitors
Filter capacitors
AC motor capacitors
Reactive power local compensators
Detuned harmonic reactor
Smart capacitor compact set
Capacitor-switching contactor

What makes our products special?

1) Imported Swiss winding machine (METAR): It is the first class winding machine in the world. It guarantees the high quality of the capacitor core products.
2) Imported Italian metal spray machine (METCO): It is controlled by computer and works in a dustless workshop. It makes the spaying well proportionally and gradually.
3) The Function Assignment machine and capping machine are also imported from Italy.
4) Qualified employees: 20% of our employees are skillful technicians. We have professional engineering teams. They are in charge of product development, product design, production control, quality control, machine maintenance and technical support.
5) After-sales service: We have sales department both for domestic market and overseas market. We are always responsible for the products we sold.
6) Technical support: Our engineer will support the customers for the products from the beginning. We will design the capacitor according to customers' demands. We will supply technical services during the installation and maintenance.

The Awards we gained:

New products of Guangdong Province in 1990
Golden Prize of New Technology of China in 1994
New High Technology Enterprise by Guangdong Science & Technology Committee in 1996
Electric Power Saving Products in 1996
Key New Products of Guangdong Province in 1997
Certificate of Conformity Certification of Electrical Equipment in 1999

What is Power Capacitor?

Power capacitors are important components in systems for transmission and distribution of electric power. Power capacitors are used primarily to increase power transmission capability through parallel and series compensation. A capacitor installation for relatively high power applications generally includes a single enclosure. Our plurality of capacitor sections that are mutually interconnected in parallel and/or series combination is for achieving the desired capacitance. A low-voltage electrical power capacitor is generally made up from capacitive windings, which are formed by a coil of metalized dielectric films. High power capacitors are generally used without any special protection, an external coating of enamel or varnish being sufficient to ensure completely satisfactory operation under normal conditions of use.

The Application of Power Capacitor: Power factor correction

In electric power distribution, capacitors are used for power factor correction. Such capacitors often come as three capacitors connected as a three phase load. Usually, the values of these capacitors are given not in farads but rather as a reactive power in volt-amperes reactive (VAr). The purpose is "to counteract inductive loading from devices like electric motors and transmission lines to make the load appear to be mostly resistive". Individual motor or lamp loads may have capacitors for power factor correction, or larger sets of capacitors (usually with automatic switching devices) may be installed at a load center within a building or in a large utility substation.

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